The Night Technology Betrayed Me: A Halloween Horror Story

Phone Has No Service

My phone has been unable to get cell service since sometime this afternoon. I didn’t notice while I was at home, but then I went for a walk and all of a sudden I was slammed with technology failure after failure.

Writing perfect software is hard

I might even say impossible. Every decision you make while building an application has implications for anything else that’s already there.

engram journal

Step One: Open up XCode

Click create a new Xcode project
Should default to iOS App and then click Next
Add Product Name, update Organization Identifier and click Next
Find an appropriate folder to save to
Pretty soon I’m going to have to send my digital trash to Mars
I heard you like installations, so I put an installation inside your installation

Wrapping this up

It’s increasingly looking like the Northern Lights won’t make an appearance tonight. I guess I wasn’t the only person with a hopeful forecast that didn’t quite come true.



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Adam Berg

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